First impressions count, that's why industrial real estate and property developers count on the Barazani factor to ensure the success of their project.  Business and industrial parks are making the transition from traditional grounds to the beauty and durability of pavers.  Thanks to Barazani and the beauty and durability of pavers, business owners will appreciate the first impression of client's & prospects even before they walk through the door for many years to come.     Barazani's commercial work can be seen in business parks all over Southern California.  

Whether you need Natural Stone, Pre Cast Concrete Pavers, Interlocking Pavers or Pedestal Pavers, we've got you covered. For Pedestal Pavers, one our specialties, we are of only a select few in the state! At the Pacific Design Center we installed 40,000 square feet of them.  

Our professional team of supervisors and crews have the experience necessary to ensure the success of every job. Every installation leaves a solid path of durability & beauty – literally!

If you have an industrial park that you believe requires the quality appearance and durability of pave stone, call us to discuss your project today.