Architects, contractors, real estate developers, property managers, custom home builders and engineers alike have been discovering the advantages of Barazani Stone over the last 20 years. Our highly experienced consultants, supervisors and crew can assist you with your hardscape pave stone project for even your most diverse commercial applications including streets, sidewalks, plazas, courtyards, parking lots, medians, pedestrian crosswalks, golf cart paths and more!

At Barazani, we understand the critical elements of efficiency and timeliness in today's construction environment. Barazani's innovative approach to the construction process and progressive development in structure is the solution to the rigorous demands and economic constraints of the construction world today.

Our construction cost estimates make planning easier and more accurate. Our team of top notch experts are fully equipped to help you evaluate the cost of construction with reliable estimates.

Barazani's proven value engineering methods improve the benefit of our services by strategically examining our role within the overall project schemata to maximize our value and reduce your cost.

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