Natural Stone Paver in California

Natural pave stone provides several advantages for commercial applications -- the benefits of natural pave stone include beauty, durability, waterproof and low maintenance.  

Flagstone, a natural stone, is cut to form a shallow flat slab. Flagstone pavers is the term used in general that refers to any flat slab of natural paving stone material that comes directly from a stone quarry. Barazani works with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers to guarantee quality installations of flagstone with quality workmanship and quality flagstone materials.

Barazani also proudly installs granite pavers as part of our natural stone collection. Rough hewn cobble, tumbled cobble and country cobble are only a few. At Barazani, your clients have a massive selection of granite paver choices including hand chiseled pavers, chiseled stepstones and chamfered pavers.

Our professional team of highly experienced supervisors and crew will ensure the success of every job. Every installation leaves a solid path of durability & beauty – literally!

If you have an application requiring the elegance & beauty of natural stone pavers, contact Barazani to discuss your project today.