Paving Stone Installation in Los Angeles

Barazani has been tastefully upgrading homes and businesses with top-quality paving installations for decades. Today, we're proud to have earned a reputation for creative custom designs, professional project management and precision installation that leads the industry.

We help you choose from our extensive selection of top-quality materials available in an array of colors, styles, textures and patterns to meet each and every project characteristic.

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Interlocking Pavers

Barazani is the largest installer of interlocking pavers in Southern California. We have been beautifying homes and businesses with interlocking pavers for more than two decades.

Natural Stone

Over the past 20 years Barazani has installed more than 500 commercial installations and over 3000 residential installations. It comes as no surprise then that Barazani is the preferred installer of natural pave stone applications.

Permeable Pavers & Pervious Pavers

Pedestal Pavers & Roof Terrace Pavers

Pedestal pavers are a unique type of paver that can be used as roof ballast, plaza deck and terrace pavers. Pedestal pavers make roofs and decks functional and usable space.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers differ from traditional hardscape applications in that they allow water to filtrate through surfaces into underlying soils

Pervious Pavers

Pervious pavers preserve the quality of water and increase the amount of quality water. The resulting pollutants such as chemicals, oil sediments and fertilizers that are associated with storm water are avoided with this type of hardscape application.

Pre Cast Concrete Pavers (PCCP)

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