Stone veneer is just one of the many options with Barazani Stone. Stone veneer is an increasingly attractive alternative to natural stone. A lightweight concrete material manufactured in forms, some stone veneer is made from real stone. Available in a significant variety of styles and colors, and providing a cost effective alternative to natural stone, stone veneer is becoming more popular for Barazani clients. With Barazani's top-quality installation methods, stone veneer provides the beauty and durability our clients have come to expect from us.

Brick veneer is a veneer application that can be used on walls and floors and offers an authentic brick sensibility. Brick veneer applications are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces including pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Brick veneer contains many of the characteristics of real brick like color, size and textural irregularities.

Our professional team of highly experienced supervisors and crew will ensure the success of every job.

If you have a project requiring stone veneer, contact Barazani to discuss your project today.