June 3rd, 2007
Dear Roger

I am attaching pictures of our new backyard. We are very pleased with the work done by your crew. They were all very prompt, polite and did quality work. They were efficient and completed the job on Saturday, giving us enough time for us to begin work on our landscaping. The design and the beauty of the stones had an enormous effect. My sister was stunned by the dramatic change. We absolutely love our new backyard. . Thanks to all your hardworking staff for a labor intensive and intricate job. I also want to commend Heather for coordinating and facilitating the different services for the job. We are so glad we went with Barazani/HomeDepot for the job. You did such an excellent presentation that after you left, my husband and I decided to cancel the next day's scheduled presentation of another paving stone company.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards,
Elena A.

December 17, 2007
To whom it may concern:

In May of 2007, our family purchased a new home in the Windemere community in San Ramon. As with any new home, we needed to decide on the land and hardscaping of our 2,000 sq ft backyard. Knowing that this will be a significant financial cost initially and longterm investment, we searched for service providers through the Yellowpages and especially on-line. We had arrived at several choices, but Barazani through the Home Depot website stood at the top from the beginning. From the onset, we had a friendly experience with the customer service in setting up an appointment with a design consultant. Plus, we had an added assurance of Home Depot's reputation and financing advantage.

We were impressed with Tejai Pinkham, Design Consultant, in regards to her extensive knowledge and recommendations when sought. There were so many choices and she guided us in making those decisions based on our questions, concerns, area and financial limitations. Upon receiving the landscaping design document, we went over further decision making prior to the project even beginning.

Once, the selections were completed and drawing approved, we appreciated the hard work and dedication of both the landscaping and hardscaping crew in keeping with the schedule and personally notifying us when there were scheduling challenges. Led by Gary Billingsley, Construction Manager, whose leadership, availability, willingness to answer our questions and hands-on resolutions to any issues that arose allowed the crews to complete the project by exceeding our expectations.

Thank you for this overall satisfactory experience and I will certainly look to Barazani for any future landscape and hardscape decisions. Without hesitance, we have been sharing with our friends, family and neighbors that Barazani designed and installed our backyard.

H.S. San Ramon

November 20, 2007
Mr. Barazani

By way of introduction, I am an investment banker and former attorney, and have been a homeowner for some 30 years. My wife is a former corporate lawyer and a scientist. I guess it's fair to say we're fairly demanding, and have often been disappointed when hiring contractors.

I recently decided to completely relandscape my back yard in Fairbanks Ranch, including the demolition of our stamped concrete walk and patio, and the resurfacing of our 85' retaining wall. Consistent with past practices, I arranged to receive five estimates, including some from your principal competitors. That's when I first met Steve Young. He responded promptly, sized the job, was the best of the larger, most viable paver companies. But more important, Steve's professionalism and demeanor, and willingness to rework the estimate 2 or 3 times as my specs changed, won me over. I felt at the time yours was a company I'd not regret doing business with when all was said and done. And how lucky I am to have made that decision.

In thirty years of home ownership, including multiple remodels, I've never, ever had the pleasure of working with a company such as yours, or with a supervisor like Steve. I so appreciated his daily emails keeping me apprised of the progress. No detail went unattended. No problem proved insurmountable. Steve was knowledgeable, friendly, communicative, trustworthy, customer satisfaction oriented - simply exceptional in every way. What an incredible asset to your firm. Your two workers were exceptionally skilled and hard working, pleasant at all times, true craftsmen, and amazing artisans.

And the result? Simply magnificent. We couldn't be happier with your work, as it has exceeded even our highest expectations. On time, within budget, and truly beautiful. Home Depot's reputation has certainly been enhanced, in our mind, through their affiliation with Barazani. I would appreciate your forwarding a copy of this email to the Home Depot Vice President in charge of their outside contractor program so he is aware of what an exceptional contractor they have in Barazani. Also, please feel free to use me as a reference and we'd be happy to arrange for you to take photos of our back yard for promotional purposes.

Again, thank you, for an outstanding job and exceptional service.

K.B. Fairbanks Ranch

January 16, 2008
Dear Ms. Emerson:

I wanted to let you know that the new paved driveway you installed for us in Morgan Hill, Ca. is absolutely beautiful. Many of our neighbors have commented on how nice it looks. The new driveway really adds a lot to the value and overall look of our home. I would also like to recognize the professionalism of Mr. David Ross.

J.R. Morgan Hills

April 25, 2006
9701 Mason Ave.
Chatsworth, Ca 91311

We want to thank you for the beautifully coordinated and executed job you did last week for installing our patio pavers. From our initial contact with Geoffrey Stone in sales for scoping the project, and from our working with Tina Rivera for coordinating a schedule to be flexible with weather and other concerns, to Carlos Guerrero's expedient synchronization of installations and the skills and hard work of the construction supervisors and crews, we couldn't be happier.

We appreciate the professionalism and quality of the work. Using Barazani as an example, we would not hesitate to contact Home Depot Installation Services for future needs and would be happy to recommend Home Depot/Barazani to others.

Thank you for the fine work.

S. Laguna Niguel

August 29, 2006
Mr. Vena,

I would like to commend Mr. Perez and his team's performance on the installation of my new Barazani driveway.

I have never been more impressed with the effective management and leadership that your company has provided than in any other dealings with contractor services. I was routinely kept up to date about the status of permits, materials, demolition and installation. When the wrong color material was delivered, it was handled promptly and the job proceeded along an acceptable schedule. And as far as the result, as a nuclear engineer with an eye for detail, I am extremely satisfied and my wife is ecstatic!

Mr. Perez is a credit to your company.

Please consider my as a reference for other jobs nearby as I will provide my highest recommendation to any potential customer.

Thank you,
S.B. San Diego

March 31, 2007
Dear Leanne Emerson,

In late January 2007 we went to Home Depot and signed for pavers for our driveway. On February 5, 2007 we had a gentleman at our home and we signed a contract. Within a very short time we had our driveway. I do believe it was within three weeks.

We did have a slight problem when they were installing. The second pallet of pavers were not to our satisfaction as per the color. They did not match. Immediately we called Jessica and she came out within twenty or thirty minutes. After talking to her she agreed to send that pallet back and re-order a new pallet in the correct color, taking one from the original to match the color. We were very impressed with the way this was handled. All in all the professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness of the crew, and most of all Jessica Perez was outstanding. We would call them again if we ever needed more pavers work.

We were impressed.

M.B. San Diego

May 15, 2006
9701 Mason Ave.
Chatsworth, Ca 91311
Attention: Lucelia Carvalho, Design Consultant

We would like to thank you for the excellent job the Crew did on the installation of the Pavers for our Patio. It looks marvelous, we are so pleased, it is just wonderful walking out onto the Patio. We are so pleased, that when ever you get a chance we would like to have you come and give us an estimate on extending the patio to the grass line.

Have a prosperous year and again thank you very much.
E.B. Elk Grove

March 14, 2006
Dear Lucelia,

Thank you for all your help in making my dream of "Old England" pavers come true! The driveway and pathways are just what I had hoped for, and you certainly went the extra mile to make sure all my concerns were addressed. I love the color and the look (and whenever I'm working in the front yard, cars stop to ask about it!)

The construction supervisors, Scott Bemis and John, couldn't have been nicer or more knowledgeable about attending to all the details of the job. John, as a landscape specialist, was very helpful in deciding on a few of the design options. And made sure my sprinklers continued to work after the work was completed.

And what an operation! The demolition crew was awe-inspiring, with the bobcat, big pickaxes, and all the specialized tools. The masonry team was the ultimate in precision and artistry, and cleaned up beautifully when all was finished.

All in all, we couldn't be happier with you, with Home Depot, and with the whole Barazani company - very professional, thorough, and nice to work with. We'll enjoy our pavers all the rest of our lives. It's amazing what this type of improvement to the visual landscape can do to our overall sense of peace and happiness!

With kind regards,
B.S. Sacramento

February 2006

Barazani recently completed a Patio Paving project at my home through Home Depot. From years of having employees, I know that you can always count on hearing about it when your employee screw up, but almost never hear when your employee shines and makes your company shine in the process.

My project was managed by Steve Young and I can say without any reservation whatsoever, he definitely deserves this correspondence. From the planning through the completion he made sure that everything was considered and taken care of. He made sure that the job was done quickly and perfectly. He kept in touch constantly throughout the project to make sure my wife and I knew exactly what to expect before anything happened. We are very satisfied with the final product and we are glad we used Barazani through Home Depot. Most of this can be attributable to Steve.

As I said above, you hear all the complaints but unfortunately you rarely hear the kudos. Everyone I dealt with in your company including Ana Espinoza and Kevin Worsfold were professional and did a fantastic job. I felt compelled to let you hear the "Good Stuff" and hope that you value my comments and appreciate the employee you have in Steve as well as the others. He is knowledgeable, professional and takes the extra steps to see that all is done well.

I know it does not sound like it, however I am not related to Steve nor did I ever meet him until he came for the preconstruction inspection. He just did a hell of a job throughout and impressed us and we thought you should know. I also have no problem with you sharing my comments with Home Depot. I am very confident that they have selected the right partner in Barazani.

Thanks for listening and for the great job Barazani completed.

R.W. San Diego
October 17, 2007

Dear Tony,

Last year, we had new windows and sliding doors installed in our house by Home Depot. We were so happy with the work and the result that we called Home Depot again when we were ready to landscape.

Steve Young, with Barazani, was the project manager for the landscaping job, and it was spectacular. Then we realized it was time to replace our cracked old driveway with a new one, so we naturally called Home Depot/ Barazani again.

They finished the driveway in the promised schedule, but that doesn't tell the story. They not only did a driveway, but advised us about what to order, and Steve came to our house multiple times until we could confidently decide what product to use. Then they did the work. We wanted a kind of "walkway"" built into the driveway. I had some vague ideas about it, but they made me understand that they understood what I wanted, and did the work better than I ever imagined it. I could not b e happier. My husband and I go outside several times a day to "gloat" over the beauty of what we got.

Steve has been by multiple times since then, taking care of tiny matters, until today it was perfected. He always made us feel valued and welcome, and answered every phone call and every email as if we were his only customer. He made sure that every single smallest concern was taken care of, with respect and alacrity, as if he had nothing else to think about. He made us feel we were his most important customers, even though we know, of course, that he was busy with other jobs by then.

This was the kind of work that you dream of but unfortunately so seldom find. We will use Home Depot for all future work. Several neighbors have commented about the landscaping and the driveway and have asked for referrals. We have upgraded our neighborhood. And we feel that Steve and his crew are the kind of thing you recommend to others as a gift, something you know will be better than they dare hope.

Besides good work, it was the incredible, personal service from Steve and his crew that made this such a great experience. I was literally sad to say good bye to Steve today, because it felt as though he had become part of our lives.

Steve is the consummate professional, competent, attentive, and courteous; we cannot thank you enough for sending him, and we would recommend him to anyone. If there were a scale of 1-10, this experience would be an 11.

Thank you for you part in creating this amazing team.

A.J. San Diego

Karen, John, Leanne,

We appreciate the arrangement for Miguel to visit and assess our pending issues.

Indeed such prompt , personal and professional handling of warranty/installation issues, as John demonstrated with the broken paver stones, will be the on-going testament of the outstanding reputation of Barazani that I can claim to my family and friends as well as Home Depot for having partnered with such effective landscaping company.

Henry Shim
Susan Shim

March 26, 2008

Thanks for taking care of us! We really appreciate the fact that you and Barazani stepped up and took care of our situation, in a timely and efficient manner. Your crew went above and beyond what they needed to do for us today. Your quality of service and professionalism should be commended.

Let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.

Take care,
Wendy McEvoy